Labour Government urged to help councils facing ‘Beast from the East’ clean-up costs

Welsh Conservatives have called on the Welsh Government to come good on its promise to support councils faced with huge bills for the clean-up of the ‘Beast from the East’.

Shadow Local Government Secretary, Janet Finch-Saunders, wants the Welsh Labour Government to help councils to meet the cost to ensure that the bill isn’t passed on to taxpayers through higher council tax bills.

She said:

“The cumulative cost of the Beast from the East is now emerging, and the Welsh Government needs to come good on its promise to help local authorities and other public bodies to meet the bill.

“Councils made huge efforts to keep the country moving in the midst of the bad weather, and whilst they would have planned ahead for the cold snap – there is no doubt that city halls now face huge additional costs.

“The First Minister has indicated that he would be willing to consider additional support, which is welcome.

“In times of extreme weather, resources are spread thinly and we need to ensure the cost doesn’t get passed onto tax payers.”