LIVE: A & E debate: ‘The Welsh Labour Government needs to listen’

Welsh Conservatives table a debate to protect A & E services.


Speaking before the debate tabled today (February 12), Shadow Health Minister Angela Burns AM/AC said:

“Today the Welsh Conservatives have tabled a debate in Plenary to talk about the potential downgrade of the emergency department at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital

“This is happening in areas across Wales, and services are being cut. These people here have come to try and protect their emergency department.

“The Welsh Government needs to listen.”

Mrs Burns’ message echoed the thoughts and words of the many people that gathered outside the Senedd, ahead of the debate to protest against the plans, and calling for the Health Minister to be sacked.

Opening the debate, she said:

“[Welsh Conservatives] call on the Welsh Assembly to reject the proposals by the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board which could lead to an end of 24-hour consultant-led services at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital's Emergency Department, and we also call upon the Welsh Government to intervene to prevent any downgrading or closures of Emergency Departments in Wales during this Assembly.”

The debate, and the threats to downgrade A & E services, follow shocking revelations about an increasingly poor service in Wales NHS A & E departments.

She said:

“Clinicians tell us that winter 2019-20 has been difficult with the lowest percentage of patients being admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours since records began.

“Let me repeat that: since records began.

“In December 2019 only 66.4 percent of patients were seen within four hours. Sounds good? Let’s flip that around. 33.6 percent of patients were not seen within four hours.

“Let me repeat that: one third of patients waited longer than 4 hours to be seen at an A&E in Wales.”

The debate continues, and further news releases will follow.