MELDING: Calls for Labour to bin ‘vindictive’ Right to Buy ban

The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee have today released a report on the proposed abolition of the Right to Buy scheme.


Responding to the Committee Report, David Melding AM the Shadow Housing Secretary said:


“Successive Welsh Governments have failed to tackle the housing needs that have been quite apparent now for a generation. An increasing requirement for social housing, underinvestment since devolution, the post-2008 economic shock, and just a sheer lack of ambition from the Welsh Government, have all led to an overall reduction in house building compared to what we need to do”.


“Instead of building the homes we need, Labour intend to abolish one of the most popular housing policies ever devised – the Right to Buy”.


“Currently, the Welsh Government is building fewer than 7000 homes a year. If this pitiful figure continues, it has been calculated that by 2031 Wales will have a shortfall of 66,000 homes – or a town the size of Merthyr Tydfil”.


“We should be aiming for a house building rate of at least 12,000 a year, and, in some years, when capacity allows, that target should be 15,000 houses to make up for the wasted years”.


“Labour should bin its vindictive proposal to abolish the Right to Buy. Let’s really tackle the housing crisis and start an ambitious house building programme”.