MELDING: Conservatives ban leasehold contracts on new properties in England – will Labour in Wales?

Responding to the news that the UK Conservative Government plans to ban leasehold contracts on new properties in England, Welsh Conservative Housing spokesman, David Melding AM, said:


“This is fantastic news for potential house buyers in England, and I am glad to see that the UK Conservative Government is leading the way to make housing more affordable.


“Leasehold contracts have become a form of consumer exploitation where housing developers can reap huge benefits. Crippling ground rents and increasing management charges are making properties unaffordable and difficult to sell.


“Unfortunately this is a system that will continue to exist in Wales unless the Welsh Labour Government takes action and follows our lead.


“If we want to ease the financial burden of home ownership in Wales, we need to address these sharp practices”.


Notes to editors:


Today, the UK Conservative Government’s Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, has announced new measures to put a stop to unfair practices in the sale of leasehold homes. You can read more here: