Minister slapped down as Labour ‘falls apart’ on NHS

Welsh Labour is falling apart on NHS reform and clarity is required on the party’s stance, according to Welsh Conservatives.


It follows press briefing comments from the First Minister in which he distanced himself from a frontbencher’s campaign to save an emergency department from ‘closure’.


Carwyn Jones said the Education Minister’s Royal Glamorgan campaign could not be condoned and the word ‘Labour’ can no longer be used in campaigning paraphernalia.


The ‘Labour4RoyalGlam’ campaign has already seen a name change and Twitter and website addresses deleted, following a ‘discussion’ between the First Minister and his opposing Labour frontbencher.


The campaign has previously been branded ‘rank hypocrisy’ by Welsh Conservatives, as it is Welsh Labour policy which is threatening the hospital’s emergency services.


Llantrisant’s Royal Glamorgan Hospital would be downgraded in a favoured South Wales Programme option for NHS reorganisation in the region.



Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said:


“This unprecedented slap down is more proof that the Labour Party is falling apart on the NHS.


“Carwyn Jones has not only tightened the leash on his Education Minister, he’s strapped on a muzzle and forcibly caged him.


“The campaign and its shroud-waving clearly show that Carwyn Jones’ government is in complete turmoil on NHS reform.


“Its’ record-breaking budget cuts are forcing unwanted hospital closures and downgrading across Wales and it’s about time we had clarity on Labour’s real stance.”



Welsh Conservative Leader and South Wales Central Assembly Member, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:


“It’s about time this hypocritical campaign was exposed for just what it is; a vain attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of thousands of voters.


“Not only have these local Labour members been slapped down and stuffed back in their box, they have exposed the true extent of Labour’s mess over the NHS.


“Our health service doesn’t need this in-fighting and ignorance. It needs proper investment, safe services – and an end to unwanted downgrading and closures.”