NHS Finance Bill welcomed

Commenting on the First Minister’s announcement of a new Bill ‘providing the NHS greater flexibility to manage its responsibilities over a number of financial years, rather than each and every year’, Shadow Minister for Health Darren Millar AM, said:


“The decision to introduce a Welsh Government Bill to address the inflexibility of NHS finances is long overdue and extremely welcome.


“This Bill will hopefully put an end to the escalated financial pressures that the NHS experiences between January and March each year.


“As it stood, NHS financing had become completely unsustainable. Bailout followed bailout and – if breaking even was achieved – it was only at the very last minute.


“Make no mistake, this is no solution to Labour’s record-breaking budget cuts of over 800 million pounds, nor the pressure those cuts are heaping on hardworking frontline staff.


“That said, this Bill will at least offer some support to our cash-strapped NHS and put an end to the yearly race to balance the books – we therefore welcome it.”