No let-up in NHS waits as list grows again

The number of people on an NHS waiting list has grown again, according to the latest figures.


By the end of April, the number of people waiting for their first appointment stood at almost 400,000.


Of those, 7,611 had been waiting for more than 36 weeks; a rise of over 2,000 on March. A government target recommends no-one should wait that long.


Welsh Conservatives have repeatedly called for the Labour government to get a grip of the on-going problem and properly support health boards in reducing long waiting times.


The group also led a recent Assembly debate calling for consideration of measures to deter a small minority of patients who consistently miss hospital appointments.



Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said:


“Instead of getting better, NHS waiting times are getting progressively worse.


“Spiralling waits for treatment are now so common-place that they have almost become the norm. That’s absolutely unacceptable.


“April’s rise came at a time when financial pressures were at an all-time high and it’s clear that Labour’s record-breaking budget cuts continue to have an incredibly damaging impact.


“There will soon be 400,000 people on an NHS waiting list in Wales and it’s about time the Minister liaised closely with health boards and rapidly reduced the problem.”