Older People’s Commissioner for Wales supports Welsh Conservative plan

A Welsh Conservative manifesto pledge for laws guaranteeing older people’s rights has been adopted by a Welsh Government official.

In a statement the Commissioner, Sarah Rochira, said that the ‘most effective way to ensure’ that older people’s rights are guaranteed ‘is through specific legislation that would create specific duties to protect and promote older people’s rights.’

Indeed she has gone further, calling for an Older People’s Charter to protect rights until the legislation passes.

This corresponds with the Welsh Conservatives’ 2016 manifesto promise to introduce an Older People’s Bill in Wales to ‘extend and promote the rights of older people and ensure that public sector bodies take account of their needs when decisions are made.’

The Party had previously called for the Commissioner to become accountable to the Welsh Assembly rather than the Welsh Government – this would be more likely to happen with the introduction of legislation.

Welsh Conservative Older People’s spokesperson Janet Finch-Saunders said:

“The support of the Older People’s Commissioner for dedicated legislation to protect the rights of older people is hugely welcome.

“We have long called for an Older People’s Bill, and we firmly believe that all legislation should be considered for its impact on the lives of older citizens.

“Above all, we want the commissioner to be accountable to the Assembly rather than Welsh Government, allowing for proper cross-party scrutiny.

“A dedicated Older People’s Bill would be an opportunity to make that a reality.”