One in three at risk of irreversible harm to sight after being neglected by Welsh NHS

Shadow Health Minister, Angela Burns AM, has expressed her concerns over worrying eyecare statistics for Wales which were published today.

Commenting, she said:

“I am shocked that more than 35,000 people in Wales are at serious risk of irreversible harm to their eyesight because they are not being seen quickly enough.

“These numbers are very clear; yet again the Welsh Government is failing the people of Wales. To suffer irreversible damage to your vision must be horrendous, and to know that your eyesight could have been saved if the Government had simply adhered to the stipulated waiting times would be totally unforgiveable.

“I was very clear in the debate I led in the chamber last week that the Welsh Government must address these delays by getting the health boards to service the needs of their patients within the recommended timescales, by enhancing the eyecare measures to ensure people with rapid sight-loss are supported and to ensure that eye care performance is robustly measured.”