Open letter to Plaid leader on glaring nuclear disparity

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has written an open letter to Plaid Cymru’s leader asking for clarification on the huge disparities between her own stance on nuclear energy – her Anglesey candidate’s stance – and the implications for Plaid.


Andrew RT Davies has sent the letter to Leanne Wood as he visits Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey, with Welsh Conservative by-election candidate Neil Fairlamb.


Mr Fairlamb has wholeheartedly welcomed Hitachi’s plans to develop a new nuclear power station and has called for a clear Welsh Government plan to support energy generation on the island.


Welsh Conservatives believe Anglesey is crammed full of potential to become a successful energy island – with a genuine energy mix - creating jobs and promoting economic growth.


While Plaid’s candidate appears to support nuclear energy, Plaid – and its leader – do not believe in the development of any new nuclear power stations.


Writing in a letter to Ms Wood, Mr Davies said:


“Given your candidate’s agreement with the Welsh Conservatives, do you still maintain your hostility to nuclear power and the future of Wylfa?”


Speaking after his visit to the power station, Welsh Conservative Leader Mr Davies said:


“Our policy is very simple – we support Wyfla B and we want to see the huge potential, jobs and economic growth it will bring to the island.


“Plaid’s policy is also clear – they do not support nuclear energy. Yet their candidate for Anglesey claims he disagrees. Voters deserve an explanation of this glaring disparity – and I have written to Leanne Wood for just that.


“Anglesey has huge potential to be a successful energy island abundant with opportunity.


“Community support for Wylfa has been tremendous and its safety record is superb. It’s clear that this is an absolutely integral part of what can be a booming energy island.


“Lazy Labour ministers lack the ambition to create a comprehensive vision for that potential and Plaid are lost in a sea of contradiction and ambiguity.”


Welsh Conservative candidate Neil Fairlamb said:


“The future of Anglesey’s economy hinges on Wylfa B and I wholeheartedly support Hitachi’s plans.


“While Plaid’s position remains very unclear – I fully back these proposals and I know just how important they are for the future of our communities and the local economy.


“This island has enormous potential available in renewable energy.


“I want to tap into that, capitalise on nuclear and an abundance of natural resources, and put a detailed vision in place for a prosperous future.”




Dear Leanne,




We were delighted to see that your candidate in the Ynys Mon by-election, Rhun ap Iorwerth, agrees wholeheartedly with the Welsh Conservatives position on the future of Wylfa B.




As you will know, the UK Government has pledged complete support to the future of Wylfa on the island, a development that will not only safeguard - but protect - many hundreds of jobs. We were therefore delighted to see that your candidate was quoted as saying:




“I have long held my own opinion on Wyfla and its potential for Anglesey and there was nothing lukewarm about the potential that Wylfa B offers Anglesey in the selection meeting last night or among members of Plaid Cymru on Anglesey.”




Given his commitment and agreement with the Welsh Conservatives, do you still maintain your hostility to nuclear power and the future of Wylfa?




You told the BBC in 2012 that:




“The party's always had concerns about nuclear power. The party has always been opposed to the construction of new power stations on new sites.”




You then went on to say:




“We need jobs in north-west Wales, but I would argue that jobs in the renewable sector are the ones that we should be pursuing”.




Have you changed your position in Wylfa B and the jobs that depend on it, or are you at odds with your new Plaid Cymru candidate?




Any clarification would be very welcome.