Paul Davies AM: Plaid Cymru are the party of Wales in name only

“Plaid Cymru are the party of Wales in name only.

“They don’t trust the people of Wales to make the right decisions for themselves and are obsessed with an ideological direction which most people in Wales are against. Instead Plaid Cymru want to hold our country back by trying to take Wales out of one union just to take us back into a less democratic and more bureaucratic union, removing the power away from the people of Wales.

“The Welsh Conservatives respect the decision made by the majority of voters in Wales to leave the EU and believe in the people of Wales to rise to the challenge of adapting to life outside of the European Union.  Once the UK Government gets Brexit done, a Welsh Conservative Government will realise the benefits for the people of Wales and lead Wales to a brighter future investing in our public services after 20 years of failed Welsh Labour Governments.”