Paul Davies AM: ‘Welsh Government must not let down another generation of learners’

Wales still at bottom of UK PISA ratings

The publication today (December 3) of the PISA results for 2018 saw Paul Davies AM press the First Minister to answer key questions about education.

The Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire, and Leader of the Opposition, tackled him about the rankings, which despite some modest improvements, still see Wales failing to reach the average grade across almost all areas.

Mr Davies said: “Today’s PISA results once again confirms that Wales has remained the lowest performing country within the UK for all subjects, despite improvements being made.

“There’s simply no way to dress this up; despite the hard work of those in the teaching profession, Wales’ science scores are significantly worse than in 2006, it is ranked bottom of the UK nations in reading, maths and science, and Wales is the only UK nation to score below the OECD average in all PISA measures.”

Mr Davies said that it is crucial that Welsh learners will “…not be let down like the learners of the previous decade have been”.

Speaking later, Mr Davies said: “The First Minister’s responses didn’t make me – and probably many other people – feel confident. While we recognise any improvement, it’s too little and too slow.

“It amounts to stagnation, and is further evidence of a Welsh Labour Government that is failing the people – and crucially our youngest. They deserve better, and a successful, well-educated Wales needs better.”