Put Prince Charles’ investiture regalia on show

A Welsh Conservative Assembly Member today called for the Prince of Wales’ regalia, used in his 1969 investiture at Caernarfon Castle, to be put on show in Wales.


Known as the Honours of the Principality of Wales, the rod, ring and sword were originally designed for the 1911 investiture of the Prince of Wales (who became King Edward VIII) and were used again for Prince Charles’ 1969 investiture.


The items, together with the robes worn by Prince Charles are thought to be in storage in London, but Suzy Davies AM has called for the items to be put on show at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.


The move would be further recognition of Prince Charles’ links to the town, having been a student at Aberystwyth University reading Welsh and Welsh history.


The regalia includes the Welsh dragon insignia and incorporates gold from mines in Gwynedd.  July 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of the 1969 investiture.


Suzy Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Heritage, said, "As we approach the 45th anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture as Prince of Wales, it would be appropriate to bring the original regalia out of storage and place it on show for the people of Wales.


"I can think of nowhere more fitting for such a permanent display than the National Library of Wales – the home of so many of our national treasures.


"This would recognise the major role Aberystwyth played in preparing the Prince for his future constitutional role and support the National Library after its recent fire.


"Few heirs to the throne have served as long as Prince Charles has, and none has taken such a close interest in Welsh affairs and the issues affecting our nation’s people.


"It is a shame that such beautiful regalia is currently out of public sight and gathering dust in storage.


"I hope that we can mark the 45th anniversary of that great celebration in Caernarfon by putting the Prince of Wales’ regalia on display for all to see in our National Library."