Rathbone readmittance demonstrates a “lack of care for Jewish Community”

A Welsh Labour AM has been readmitted to the Party’s Assembly group after being suspended for making “extremely offensive” comments about Jewish people and the security concerns of a synagogue in her own constituency.

Cardiff Central AM Jenny Rathbone, who supported eventual winner Mark Drakeford in the contest to become the next Welsh Labour leader, had said in 2017:

“The fact that the Jewish synagogue in Cyncoed is, is become one of these, you know, fortress is really uncomfortable. How much of it is for real and how much of it is in their own heads is really hard for an outsider to judge, but I think siege mentalities are also part of it.”

Ms Rathbone was reinstated into the Welsh Labour Assembly Group following Mr Drakeford’s victory.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative and Shadow Faith Minister Mohammad Asghar AM, said:

“This decision raises so many questions about the Labour Party’s attitude towards the Jewish citizens of our country.

“Ms Rathbone was suspended from the Group so her comments and the extent of her prejudices could be investigated thoroughly and diligently. This has not happened, yet she’s been welcomed back with open arms.

“This only goes to demonstrate that Labour do not care about the Jewish community, the hate aimed at them, and their security concerns.

“Is it a coincidence that Ms Rathbone supported Mark Drakeford for the leadership and once he won the competition, she’s back in?

“When her troubling comments came to light, people wanted a fair investigation to ensure due process. But it seems Labour aren’t interested. This will be a huge stain on the new First Minister’s record.”