'Repair Man' Minister is 'lost in patch-ups'

The Shadow Minister for Education has today labelled the Education Minister a ‘repair man’ lost in a mountain of Labour patch-ups.


Addressing the Welsh Local Government Conference in Cardiff, Assembly Member Angela Burns accused former Labour Education Ministers of ‘ideological tinkering’ which has led to a series of mistakes and a decline in standards that is only now being addressed.


Mrs Burns reminded conference of a former Labour Minister’s ‘Learning Country’ scheme, which promised huge improvements in education and used case study ‘Megan’ as an example of a child who would benefit from Labour policies.


Speaking on the same day as Estyn published another damning report on our education system – and just days after the publication of the Robert Hill report into the future delivery of education services – the Shadow Minister also cited a lack of leadership and joined up thinking, which has resulted in poor standards and a demoralised workforce.


Mrs Burns went on to say that the Hill report now presents some exciting opportunities, but warned against knee-jerk reactions and rushed ad-hoc local authority mergers.


Speaking after her contribution to the WLGA conference, she said:


“Less radical – more repair man. The current education minister is lost in a mountain of patch-ups caused by failure after failure, year after year.


“The Learning Country was a resounding failure and ‘Megan’ was categorically failed.


“Now the minister is drowning in a series of overhauls that are only serving to introduce fad after fad – and failing to support hard-working teachers.


“We have to give our children every tool available to survive in a competitive world and to help them make the most of their lives.


“Everyone involved in the education system must work collectively to help boost that support and generate those tools.”