Responding to the First Minister's speech at the UK Labour Conference 2019

Commenting on Mark Drakeford's speech to the UK Labour conference, Welsh Conservative Leader, Paul Davies AM, said:

“The First Minister’s speech is meant to show what Labour achieves in Government and what a future UK Labour Government would do under Jeremy Corbyn. However, after 20 years of Welsh Labour in charge the people of Wales know all too well what that means.

"Under Welsh Labour 22,000 people each month wait more than four hours in A&E, the majority of health boards are in targeted intervention or special measures, our young people left behind and a failure to build houses for the next generation.

“A Welsh Conservative Government would change all of this by empowering people to take control of their communities, promote accountability so people can hold their public services to account and we would support businesses to provide jobs for everyone to provide for them and their families.”