Shadow Health Minister welcomes ban on credit-card gambling

Angela Burns AM/AC – Shadow Minister for Health – has welcomed the news today (January 14) that placing bets using credit cards will be banned on April 14.

The move comes after reviews of the industry by the Gambling Commission (GC) and the UK Government. According to the GC, some 24 million adults in Britain gamble, with 10.5 million of those betting online.

Separate research indicates that 22 percent of online gamblers who use credit cards are classed as problem gamblers.

Mrs Burns, whose portfolio includes the effects problem gambling can have on health, said:

“Using credit cards to gamble is, in reality, betting with money you don’t have.

 “I understand that the GC has many examples of consumers who have amassed debts of thousands, and even tens of thousands, of pounds by gambling using credit cards, as well as evidence that gamblers then use their cards to – in effect – chase the debt.

“There can then be a knock-on effect that affects the whole household, putting strain on the individual or families, and leading to other problems, including health.

“I therefore applaud the UK Government for taking this decisive action, and hope it will take any additional action to protect people from harm caused by gambling."