Supporting Small Business campaign launched


Alun Cairns MP has been appointed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as one of his Small Business Ambassadors for the UK. Mr Cairns is one of a small team of Ambassadors appointed to help promote and represent small businesses across the country and government. 

The announcement coincided with a new government campaign being launched by the Prime Minister at a reception in Number 10 last week. 

Small businesses are often viewed as the bedrock of the economy and are vital to economic recovery. Last year the government presided over the largest number of business start-ups in a 12-month period in recorded history. The Vale MP said that the government has successfully implemented a raft of measures that have provided real help to small businesses up and down the country. 

Commenting on the launch, the Prime Minister, said: “Conservatives understand how crucial small businesses are to the British economy and our recovery. That’s why we have improved every part of the life-cycle of a small business – helping businesses set up, making it easier to grow, removing red tape and assisting businesses to export. 

“We are on the side of those who want to work hard and get on in life. Nothing represents this aspiration more than British small business owners. 

“I have appointed Matthew Hancock as the Party’s Small Business Champion and twelve business-savvy MPs from around the country as the Party’s Small Business Ambassadors. With this team we will be able to create greater awareness of Government offers and listen to the business community so that we can continue to improve what we are already doing.” 

Alun Cairns MP for the Vale said: “This Government has done a huge amount to help small business, but there is much more to do. 

“I am so pleased to be able to do all I can to put forward the case for small business across Government. I’m keen to make sure that the issues raised with me by small businesses and traders across the Vale are heard in government and that changes can be made to best support our entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their companies.”  

Small businesses who want to learn more about getting involved should visit