“Take back control of your community”, urges Andrew RT Davies ahead of local government vote

“Take back control of your community” by voting Welsh Conservatives, is the party leader Andrew RT Davies’ message to voters across Wales ahead of Thursday’s local government elections.

Today Mr Davies urges communities to reject the Labour party’s “top-down” approach and vote for “greater localism and social responsibility”, saying people should be trusted to do the right thing for their area.

These are ideas that are central to the Welsh Conservatives local government manifesto - a ‘Plan for Wales’ – which among its pledges promises to offer households fairer council tax bills, regular bin collections, and better support for armed forces veterans.

Further pledges include commitments to revitalising high streets through providing more free parking, campaigning for more flexibility in business rates, and more closely involving businesses in the decisions that affect them.

Welsh Conservatives’ vision for local government also features commitments to safeguard the future of young people by raising declining school standards, improving support for children with learning needs, and working to prevent school closures.

Ahead of tomorrow’s vote, Andrew RT Davies said:

“The Labour Party can no longer claim to represent local communities. Their plans to force councils across Wales to merge would have taken power away from local people and wiped many areas off the map.

“The good news is that voters will tomorrow have the opportunity to reject Labour’s top down approach, along with their record of failure, by voting for positive change – for greater localism and social responsibility. We believe that people should be trusted to do the right thing for their area.

“My message to voters is this: If you want to better local services and more accountability then take back control of your community by voting Welsh Conservatives on May 4th”.

Shadow Local Government Secretary, Janet Finch-Saunders, said:

“Labour and Plaid Cymru-led councils continue to hold back our communities with a complacency that has seen our high streets deteriorate, picturesque green spaces diminish, and council tax bills spiralling out of control.

“In Conwy, the Labour/Plaid council has moved to monthly bin collections, asking residents to pay more for less in terms of public services. The evidence is piling up, and so are your bin bags.

“If you want greater efficiency, financial probity, democratic accountability and a say in how your services are run, then the choice is clear: vote Welsh Conservatives”.