Uber: Standardised fares would stifle competition, harming passengers say Welsh Conservatives

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – Andrew RT Davies AM – has warned the Cabinet Secretary not to impose “unnecessarily draconian” measures on Uber.

It comes as the Welsh Government suggests that it may impose tougher standards on the firm – including standardised fares across all taxis and private hire vehicles.

Mr Davies welcomes the impact of so-called ‘disruptive technology’ on passenger fares – and is warning that imposing standardised fares could be hugely damaging.

He says many firms are adapting to technology, in a way that benefits consumers.  

He said:

“Regulating fares would be extremely damaging for passengers if it restricted competition.

“It seems the Cabinet Secretary has missed the point that disruptive technology is supposed to down passenger fares and revolutionising the way the industry works.

“It’s not just Uber, other firms have adapted too, and we have to accept that the game can no longer be rigged in favour of one group.

“I hope the Cabinet Secretary is sensible enough to see that unnecessarily draconian measures will harm the consumer, who should have a right to choose between competing services.”