Uncollected council tax debt hits £85m

Figures published this morning reveal that as much as 4.7% of Council Tax was not collected in some local authorities in Wales in 2012-13.  The total debt of unpaid Council Tax has hit a new high of £85million, including £38million of in-year arrears.


Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Shadow Minister for Local Government, said, “If Welsh councils fail to collect Council Tax, it means higher bills for those households who do the right thing and pay their taxes on time.


“It is simply unfair that many hardworking families in Wales are facing higher bills to subsidise the selfish minority who refuse to pay their fair share.


“In times of public spending restraint, local authorities should leave no stone unturned in efforts to collect Council Tax to fund essential frontline services.


“Clearly we cannot expect 100% of Council Tax to be collected, but £85million of arrears is a significant sum, which could make a significant difference to frontline services or ease the pressure on stretched household budgets.


“It remains disappointing that Welsh Labour Ministers refused to pass on a Council Tax freeze, which would have protected hardworking families in Wales from the pain of some of the highest Council Tax hikes in the UK.”