Wales’ First Minister must distance himself from Corbyn’s Russia stance

Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies, has called on the First Minister to distance himself from comments made today by UK Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


Writing in the Guardian today, Jeremy Corbyn, has again refused to directly blame Russia for the Salisbury nerve agent attack, urging the UK Government not to "rush ahead of the evidence".


Yesterday afternoon in an interview with BBC Wales, Wales’ First Minister, Carwyn Jones, claimed Corbyn had been ‘unfairly maligned’ over his reaction to the attack.


Davies has called on Jones to distance himself from Corbyn’s stance on Russia, and ‘demonstrate the leadership people in Wales would expect in such troubling circumstances.’


Andrew RT Davies said:


“The First Minister’s comments and support for the Prime Minister in her reaction to the Salisbury attack has been welcome and in direct contrast to that of his leader at Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn.


“However, today’s comments from Mr Corbyn cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged and his stance can no longer be defended by Carwyn Jones.


“The First Minister must immediately distance himself from the stance taken by Corbyn – one which is a direct threat to our national security - and demonstrate the leadership people in Wales would expect in such troubling circumstances.


“People in Wales will be appalled by any attempt to act as an apologist for the Kremlin and Carwyn Jones needs to send that message loud and clear.”