Wales: home to the slowest broadband speeds in the UK!

An annual survey by the UK’s communications watchdog – OFCOM – has found that Welsh broadband customers endure the slowest speeds in the whole of the United Kingdom.

According to the report, in urban areas across the UK 59% of connections delivered average speeds of more than 30 Mbps over the 20:00 – 22:00 peak-time period; meeting the watchdog’s definition of “superfast”.

However, in rural areas just 23% of connections surpassed 30 Mbps during the same hours.

On a nation-by-nation basis, customers in England enjoyed the fastest average download speeds, with 47.8 Mbps. Wales recorded the lowest, with just 33.4 Mbps.

Average Download Speeds:

England - 47.8 Mbps

Scotland - 43.6 Mbps

Northern Ireland - 39.2 Mbps

Wales - 33.4 Mbps

Shadow Economy Secretary, Russell George, said:

“Connectivity is no longer a luxury. It’s like the electricity of the 21st century – and a fast and reliable internet connection is increasingly viewed as a vital utility both at home and at work.

“Whether we like it or not, many services are now only available online, from government agencies  to the best deals for insurance and mobile phone contracts.

“Sadly, Wales is being left behind, and it isn’t good enough.

“The roll-out of Superfast Cymru has been a communications disaster and residents in rural Wales – in particular – will be far from surprised to learn that Wales suffers from the slowest download speeds in the UK.

“The Welsh Government needs to develop digital infrastructure which is as fast and as reliable as other parts of the UK, and is fit for the future.”