Wales Office Ministers host MPs from across North Wales to discuss progress on the North Wales Growth Deal

UK Government Minister Guto Bebb, Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns and Lord Bourne will host MPs from across North Wales today to discuss progress on the North Wales Growth Deal.
The Growth Deal sets out a vision for the region with the aims of creating 5,300 jobs and attracting private sector investment to the value of £1bn in the region over the next 15 years.
Plans have been supported by the region’s six council leaders and chief executives, and todays roundtable is an opportunity for the project team to present their proposals to the North Wales MPs. Minister for Northern Powerhouse, Jake Berry, will also be in attendance as the plans align to the Northern Powerhouse agenda, drawing upon the region’s economic links to the North West of England.
The deal aims to:

  • build on the strengths of the region in the low carbon, advanced manufacturing and digital sectors
  • promote business growth in the form of Regional Business and Smart Technology and Innovation hubs
  • create 5,000 new jobs

Speaking ahead of the roundtable, Guto Bebb said:

“A North-Wales growth deal will revolutionise the way our towns and villages in North-Wales govern themselves - shifting powers down from London and Cardiff to local leaders who are better placed to take decisions that affect their communities.
The Northern Powerhouse, coupled with a growth deal represents our best chance to bring transformational change to North Wales. The region is perfectly positioned to benefit from the Northern Powerhouse. Its export base and reputation for big energy projects makes it a perfect partner for closer collaboration to expand the economy of North.
With the launch of the Industrial Strategy last month there has never been a better time for businesses and local authorities to seize the opportunity to come together. UK Government is here to support and work with companies and groups on the ground as they develop a bespoke deal that works for the whole of North-Wales.”