Welsh Conservative Programme for Government

On the day that the Welsh Labour Government makes a statement on its Programme for Government, the Welsh Conservatives have published an update to their alternative Programme for Government.

Amongst a number of key commitments in the first two years from May 2011, a Welsh Conservative Government would have:

  • Ring-fenced the health budget to safeguard NHS services
  • Abolished business rates for small businesses
  • Directly funded schools to deliver more money to the classroom
  • Introduced an Armed Forces Card to recognise the sacrifices of our troops
  • Set up a Cancer Treatments Fund to end the postcode lottery
  • Introduced a Welsh Language Charter Mark to reward excellence in Welsh language provision

In the 2011 Assembly election, Welsh Conservatives were the only party to set out a legislative programme with 11 draft Bills.

The alternative Programme for Government also sets out non-legislative measures, which would have been introduced including a commission into provision of affordable childcare, £3million annual funding to the Wales Air Ambulance and a Council Tax freeze for every household in Wales.

A Welsh Conservative Government would also have also implemented the recommendations of its recent policy documents, A Vision for the Welsh High Street and improving access to finance for small businesses.

Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Opposition, said, "In contrast to Carwyn Jones’ lazy Labour Government, Welsh Conservatives went into the last election with a clear vision and package of measures to improve our public services and get our economy moving.

"We remain the only party committed to ringfencing the health budget and would have protected the NHS from Labour’s £800million cuts, which are now threatening to downgrade A&E services.

"We would have fully funded a Cancer Treatments Fund to end the injustice where many Welsh cancer patients are unable to access medicines, which are readily available in other parts of the UK.

"A Welsh Conservative Government would have been quick to act on the economy by setting up Enterprise Zones, abolishing business rates for small businesses and investing in infrastructure, all in a bid to create the conditions for growth and end Wales’ 15-year stint as the poorest part of the UK.

"The Welsh Labour Government has failed to bring forward an Enterprise Bill, which could have introduced swift measures to help grow the Welsh economy.

"Our alternative Programme for Government sets out the achievements that a focussed and hardworking government could by now have delivered for Wales, in complete contrast to the astonishing lack of progress from Carwyn Jones’ administration.

"The Welsh Labour Government has spent most of its time acting as an unofficial opposition to the UK Government rather than taking a lead on many of the problems facing Wales today.

"In a few months’ time we will be more than half way through this current Assembly term and it is time for Welsh Labour Ministers to knuckle down and improve their performance."


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