Welsh Conservative reaction to NHS Wales’ new single cancer target

Today, the Welsh Government announced it will be introducing a single waiting time target for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The change means that waits will be recorded from when all patients are suspected to have cancer, whereas before it was just for those who had clear symptoms.

The current two-track system is believed to be replaced by the new single two-month target in June 2019.

The Welsh Government have not met their target for cancer waiting times via the urgent route since 2008.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Angela Burns AM, said:

“Although we welcome the initiative to improve targets, it well-known that we lack capacity in diagnosis services which was evident in the Welsh Government’s refusal to reduce screening ages for serious conditions such bowel cancer.

“Whilst it is right that we bring waiting times for diagnosis and referral to treatment times down this must be couple with a significant investment in cancer facilities across Wales to build up capacity in these areas.

“However, what worries me is the Welsh Labour Government’s track record on health targets which are routinely missed, and when called up on those facts, concerns are dismissed as scaremongering. What is to say this will not continue under the new regime?”