Welsh Conservative response to Labour's new NHS plan

Commenting on the publication of the Welsh Labour Government’s new strategy for health and social care, Shadow Health Secretary, Angela Burns AM, said:


“No one will disagree with many of the sentiments or aims expressed in this plan, particularly the desired and necessary whole system approach we need to see in Wales for the future of health and social care.


“We are hugely supportive of the value and principles that our NHS should adhere to, but we need clear plans for delivery and this document contains very few tangible targets or commitments for the Welsh Government, Health Boards, Regional Partnership Boards and Local Authorities to work towards.


“Following calls for his resignation last week, there are also growing concerns over the ability of the current Health Secretary to deliver on the aims of this plan, particularly given his inability to turnaround the fortunes of Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board in North Wales.


“If he is unable to deliver change at one health board, patients and staff will struggle to have confidence that he’ll be able to administer a complete system transformation across the whole of the Welsh NHS.


“However, the change in emphasis to the community is welcome and is a notable shift given the historical neglect and decimation of community services by successive Labour health secretaries.


“But ultimately, if this new plan is to have any impact in driving the transformational change it describes, then we need the Labour Government to take ownership and accept accountability for the journey ahead – something they’ve failed to do so over the past two decades in Wales.”