Welsh Conservatives back Cwm Taf leadership changes

The Welsh Conservatives have backed the news today that leadership changes could be considered at the shamed Cwm Taf Health Board.

Commenting, Acting Health Spokesperson Darren Millar AM said:

“At last we’re hearing that this shameful report isn’t going to pass by un-noticed. The right people have to be held accountable for this, and that’s why the Welsh Conservatives have called on executives at Cwm Taf, and the Health Minister himself, to resign. If they refuse to resign, they should be sacked.

“We hear every day of more families affected by these failed maternity services, and I can’t imagine what these parents have had to go through.

“Last week, I met with both the Chair and Chief Executive of Cwm Taf to have a robust discussion on the failings in maternity services, urge them to take responsibility for what went wrong and do the honourable thing and resign.

"NHS leaders should be accountable to those they serve and I very much hope that they have reflected on the discussion that took place and will announce their departure as soon as possible."

He added:

“Application of our Welsh Conservative five-point plan for a safer, more accountable Welsh NHS would go a long way to preventing tragedies like this from happening again.”