Welsh Conservatives comment on future of funding for Wales

Commenting on recommendations today for ‘greater transparency’ over UK Conservative Government funding for Wales, Shadow Finance Minister, Nick Ramsay AM, has said:

“I welcome the work of The Commons Public Accounts Committee to help find the best possible funding settlement structure for Wales.

“We have acknowledged that the Barnett Formula is nearing the end of its life, but we should also recognise that the fiscal framework, which was jointly negotiated between the Welsh and UK Governments, goes a long way to providing fairer funding for Wales, and now sees Wales in charge of its largest settlement ever.

“While we work together to look into this complex matter, I urge First Minister Mark Drakeford to consider the theme of financial transparency, and the serious need for the Welsh Government to make far more efficient use of the money it controls; especially over matters of our suffering schools and our struggling Welsh NHS.”