Welsh Conservatives engage with Independent Review of Tidal Lagoons

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is the most viable solution to support the long-term economic development of the South West Wales region, should an on-going review conclude favourably about the technology's future role within the UK's energy mix, according to Welsh Conservative AMs.

In a response to an on-going review into the case for tidal lagoons, being undertaken by industry expert Charles Hendry, Welsh Conservatives have outlined how tidal energy could have the potential to be a key part of the economic regeneration of South Wales.

The undertaking of the review has been welcomed as an important step in enhancing the evidence base for tidal energy.

Shadow Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability, David Melding AM, said:

“A co-ordinated marine energy strategy to promote Wales as a location for pioneering viable tidal lagoon development could prove so critical for Wales.

“This welcome review will play a pivotal role in strengthening the evidence base for tidal energy, and its role within the UK energy mix, as discussions continue in relation to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

“The lagoon is a project which, potentially, could revitalise Wales' green economy, and deliver significant technological and manufacturing opportunities and a stimulus for economic growth. The project could harness much of the expertise across the South Wales economy, right across the supply chain. The Group is pleased to have had the opportunity to make these representations to Mr. Hendry.”

South Wales West AM Suzy Davies added:

“Acting as a spur for economic regeneration and wealth creation, there is much excitement about the prospects for tidal lagoon technologies in Swansea, and it is significant to have this project being studied as part of such a high-profile review.

“Should the review report favourably concerning the case for tidal lagoons, the Swansea project is the most viable solution to support the long-term economic development of the South West Wales region.

“Furthermore, the lagoon's development could prove integral to the development of a Swansea Bay City Region, and ensure the city is a global pioneer in tidal energy.”