Welsh Conservatives React to National Procurement’s Service Scrapping

Welsh Conservatives have called the Welsh Labour Government’s approach to public procurement in Wales “shambolic” as it decides to end the body in its “current form”.

Welsh Labour leadership contender and Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford AM made the announcement five years after the organisation’s creation having failed in its goal to save the Welsh public sector cash by handling contracts worth £1bn a year.

Commenting, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Paul Davies AM, said:

“The decision by the Welsh Government to scrap their own National Procurement Service (NPS) highlights Welsh Labour’s shambolic approach to public procurement in Wales.

“Wales needs a procurement system that is able to help support businesses across Wales and also maximises value for the Welsh taxpayer.

“The Welsh Labour Government has comprehensively failed to deliver a system that boosts the Welsh economy and ensures a good deal for the public.

“Scrapping the NPS is a hugely embarrassing admission from the Welsh Labour Government that their procurement policies have simply failed.”