Welsh Conservatives reject Welsh Government pantomime debate

The Welsh Conservatives will today reject a Welsh Government debate on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

Welsh Conservative Leader, Paul Davies AM, has said that the Welsh Government is ‘playing politics’ with what is one of the most important decisions in modern Welsh and British history.

He slammed the debate as an attempt to ‘start the pantomime season’.

The debate has been brought forward by the Welsh Government to discuss the Withdrawal Agreement and its contents, and includes a point to keep the UK aligned with the Single Market and the Customs Union.

In the 2016 referendum, 52.5% of Welsh voters and 17 out of 22 council areas voted to leave the EU.

Speaking prior to the debate, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives said:

“Instead of trying to play politics and cause division, the Welsh Government should end this pantomime and seek to honour the result of the referendum.

“The verdict of the people of Wales in 2016 was clear; they want out of the European Union - the Withdrawal Agreement delivers on that decision.

“Theresa May’s job is not about satisfying both sides - leavers and remainers; it’s about honouring the result of the referendum and securing the best possible deal for the UK as we embark on a new future outside the EU.”