Welsh Conservatives respond to Chancellor's £36m funding for Swansea Uni research on power-generating buildings

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Andrew RT Davies, has responded to today’s announcement by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, that Swansea University will receive £36m to develop building materials which generate power.

The technology, using heat and light to make electricity, could replace conventional walls, roofs and windows. The power could be used in homes, workplaces, schools and hospitals, with the energy stored and released by "smart energy systems".

Commenting, the new Welsh Conservative spokesman for the environment, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:

“This is a very positive and exciting announcement from the Chancellor.

“Green technology is undoubtedly the future and the right direction of travel, and as Welsh Conservatives we hope to see this initiative deliver on its aims to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

“Whilst this is a welcome step, from an energy perspective, we also desperately need to see improvement in the grid capacity and infrastructure if we are to really foster a renewable revolution in this country.

“Sadly, far too many projects are currently rejected or unable to proceed in Wales due to a lack of capacity and this must change.

“We need to tackle this issue head-on if we are to drive and secure a real green future for generations to come in Wales.”