Welsh Conservatives respond to Parliamentary Review into Health and Social Care in Wales

Welsh Conservatives have welcomed a Parliamentary Review calling for a “revolution” in health and social care delivery in Wales.

Nine leading international experts, chaired by the former chief medical officer for Wales Dr Ruth Hussey, have been looking at ways to try to put the health and social care system on a stronger footing.

The authors make 10 key recommendations, some of which can be read here.

Commenting on the report and its findings, Angela Burns AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“We strongly support the review and its recommendations, and urge Welsh Government not to delay in making the changes our health and care sectors so desperately need.

“As explicitly stated in the review, in the two decades Welsh Labour has managed our NHS and care services they have singularly failed to provide any clarity of vision to guide the system. It is because of this we now find ourselves at a make or break juncture.

“If the document is to have any impact in driving the transformational change it describes then we need Labour ministers and NHS chiefs to take ownership and accept accountability for the journey ahead.

“Also needed are clear and time-sensitive targets aligned to the document’s goals. Warm words without action will surely be disastrous.”