Welsh Conservatives respond to shocking Welsh Government admission

Shadow Business Minister, Russell George AM, has replied to admissions reported in today’s press made by Welsh Labour Government Deputy Economy Minister Lee Waters.

Mr George said:

“It’s deeply concerning to hear the team behind Wales’ economy being so blasé about the sorry state of our nation’s economy.

“Wales has been led by Welsh Labour for over twenty years and in that time we’ve seen failure after failure, and now Labour Ministers are confirming that they knew this all along.

“On the same day that Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies questioned the First Minister over the government’s handling of tax payers’ money, we reflect on a catalogue of serious financial problems for Wales.

“As a result of the Labour Government ‘making it up as it goes along,’ earnings in Wales are the lowest in the UK; regional inequality is a national embarrassment and Wales has the slowest growing economy in the UK, with little progress made over the past 17 years.

“Welsh Conservatives have a clear plan for the future of Wales, and if this Government doesn’t know what it’s doing, it should make way for one that does.”