Welsh Conservatives Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle

The new Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Paul Davies AM, has reshuffled the Shadow Cabinet in the National Assembly for Wales today, calling the changes “the first move in positioning the Welsh Conservatives as the next government of Wales”.

The details are as follows:

  • Angela Burns: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health
  • Suzy Davies: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Welsh Language; Leader’s Diversity Champion
  • Nick Ramsay: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance; Leader’s Membership Ambassador
  • Darren Millar: Chief Whip; Shadow Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs and International Relations; Policy Director
  • Russell George: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, Economy, and Infrastructure; Shadow Minister for Mid Wales
  • Andrew RT Davies: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Sustainability, and Rural Affairs
  • David Melding: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Housing, Heritage, Culture, and Media
  • Mark Isherwood: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government; Shadow Minister for North Wales
  • Mohammad Asghar: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Further Education, Skills, and Faith
  • Janet Finch-Saunders: Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Social Care, Children, Young People, and Older People.

Mark Reckless remains part of the Welsh Conservative Assembly Group.

Commenting on the changes, Paul Davies said:

“The Welsh Conservatives are steadfast in our belief that Wales needs a change of government and we provide that alternative.

“By the next election, Labour would have been in charge of our NHS, our schools, our economic strategy here in Wales for over two decades – longer than Putin has been ruling Russia.

“This reshuffle exploits the best talents of all our Assembly Members, and will demonstrate to the people of Wales our ability to govern, and turf this failing and complacent Welsh Labour Government out of office.

“Be in no doubt, Welsh Labour’s belief that they have a God-given right to hold and keep power in Wales is over, and we are the next government of Wales.”