Welsh Conservatives support anti-bullying campaign on #OddSocksDay

Nationwide campaign shines light on all victims of bullying

At any other time, the sight of a politician wearing odd socks (in one case, odd shoes) usually has the collected media rushing for their cameras to record the sartorial faux pas.

However, to mark the launch of Anti-Bullying Week 2019, Welsh Conservative Assembly Members deliberately donned odd socks to support the campaign’s #OddSocksDay.

Paul Davies AM, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said that he and his fellow AMs are backing the campaign, which this year has slogan “Change Starts With Us”. He said: “No-one can disagree that bullying in all its forms is abhorrent. Whether it’s in schools or the workplace, against young or old, or based on prejudice against someone’s gender, faith – or lack of faith – their sexuality, a disability, or their political beliefs, there is no place for it in our communities and our country.

“Sometimes, it’s easier to deal with bullying face to face, or with support or with an ally, but increasingly it is carried out online, on social media, and behind an anonymous account. This is more difficult to challenge without closing your own account, and isolating yourself, and letting the bullies win.

“So, on #OddSocksDay, I’m proud to say that ‘Change Starts With Us, and each of us needs to play our part in calling out bullying and supporting the victims of bullying.”

To find out more about the campaign, visit www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk, and use the hashtag #OddSocksDay on social media.