Welsh economy weaker than rest of the UK, new research reveals

Figures released today that show how taxpayers are increasingly worse off in Wales have been described as ‘disappointing’ by the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for the Economy.

The analysis is based on ONS estimates, but the clear indication of a sharp decline in the Welsh economy and tax base is being blamed on chronic low earnings in Wales.

The Welsh economy has been stuck at the bottom of the economic league tables for 20 consecutive years. Wales has been worst-off on the list of home nations for productivity since devolution began, with vast regional inequality and earnings in Wales remaining the lowest in the UK.

Commenting, Mr George said:

“This data speaks for itself. Successive Welsh Labour Governments have failed to back Wales and Welsh workers.

“Just last month we heard from the Deputy Economy Minister that the Welsh Government ‘doesn’t really know what it’s doing with the economy,’ and here is the result of that confusion in black and white.

“The Welsh economy has been badly held back by 20 years of Welsh Labour as a result of not having a plan for our economy”

“Workers are still worse off than anywhere else in the UK. This is deeply disappointing”