Welsh Government characterised by “Narrow tribalism” and a lack of leadership


  • Welsh Government said to be “bereft of ideas and leadership”.

  • Carwyn Jones using referendum as a “smokescreen”.

  • Gorwel’s proposal for a Brexit Minister would be sensible – but the candidate would need to empathise with the referendum result.




The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, has accused the First Minister of “narrow tribalism”, and warned of a void at the heart of Welsh Government as Assembly Members enter summer recess.




Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Davies said that Carwyn Jones and his government were giving the impression of having run out of ideas.




He said:




“Like their colleagues in London, Welsh Labour appear to be bereft of ideas and leadership, and suffering from a lack of direction.




“Most new governments would want to get off to a flying start, but Carwyn Jones appears to be using Brexit as a smokescreen.




“It’s not good enough to sit back passively and let events take over. We know that the Brexit negotiations will take up to two years to complete, and during this period there will be no change in the levels funding received.




“That’s why there’s absolutely no excuse for Carwyn’s failure to lay down a programme of government before we head into summer recess.”




Mr Davies also accused Carwyn Jones of a “narrow tribalism”, and expressed support for a dedicated Welsh Government Brexit minister to deal with the impact of leaving the EU.




The idea has been floated by Welsh think tank, Gorwel.




“The Westminster Government will now be seeking the best possible deal for the UK as a whole, and instead of opposing those efforts the Welsh Government should be seeking to work constructively.




“Sadly Carwyn Jones slammed the door in the face of cross-party co-operation over Europe, and his attitude of hostility to the result is in danger of becoming counter-productive.




“Instead of narrow tribalism, we need to see consensus-building, and appointing a dedicated minister to focus on Brexit would be sensible.




“However, the ideal candidate would be able to empathise with the Brexit campaign and be representative of public opinion in Wales.”