Welsh Government meeting confirms crony relationship with local government

Welsh Labour council leaders will meet First Minister Carwyn Jones next week to discuss a rethink of the Welsh Government's draft budget.

The meeting will be exclusive to Labour Council Leaders, prompting an angry response from Welsh Conservatives who called the approach “an unashamed confirmation of Welsh Labour cronyism”.

The draft budget, announced earlier this month proposes a 2% cut for local government - a decision which prompted anger across councils in Wales.

The core details of the funding allocations show that 7 of Wales’ 22 local authorities will receive an increase-in or continuation-of the level of funding from last year. Out of those 7, 6 of the authorities are Labour run councils.

Responding to the news, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives - Paul Davies - said:

“The audacity of this meeting is disgraceful. We have a Welsh Government that's not even trying to hide its favouritism of certain local authorities in Wales.

“Labour Council Leaders are getting a private session with the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance, despite getting the sunnier side of the funding deal. The other authorities must be appalled.

“All councils should have the opportunity to present their case, not just Labour Councils, because I’m sure there are plenty of Council Leaders who would be delighted to get such a chance.

“The Welsh Government needs to either cancel this meeting, or extend the invitation to the rest of Wales’ authorities. People are getting tired of Welsh Labour cronyism”.