Welsh Government plans to remove ‘protections’ from undemocratic strikes

Plans to change the laws governing industrial action in Wales would rob the public of “protections” from undemocratic strike action, according to the Welsh Conservatives.

Speaking on Monday, Andrew RT Davies expressed disappointment that the Welsh Government’s first piece of legislation in 2017 set out to “pay back their trade union paymasters”.

He also warned that the Welsh Government’s attempt to assume responsibility for industrial relations law could – if successful – lead Wales further down the road towards regional pay.

Mr Davies said:

“It says a lot about the Welsh Labour Government’s priorities that the first piece of legislation this year sets out to pay back their trade union paymasters, who have donated more than £11 million to the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.

“These proposals will do nothing to improve public services in Wales – this is just the union barons calling in favours in return for bankrolling the Labour Party.

“Across Wales, workers are getting sick and tired of being held to ransom by Union General Secretaries, and they won’t be impressed if this proposed bill leads Wales further down the road towards regional pay scales.

“People have a right to expect protections from undemocratic strike action, and it now falls to Mark Drakeford – Corbyn’s resident cheerleader in Wales – to justify this disappointing decision.”