Welsh language needs 'sustained action, not plush strategy launches'

Responding to an announcement from the Welsh Government of plans to target one million Welsh speakers by 2050, Shadow Welsh language Secretary, Suzy Davies AM:


“Whilst Welsh Conservatives applaud any plans to boost the number of Welsh speakers, the devil will clearly be in the detail of these plans.


“In recent years, we’ve seen strategy after strategy launched by Welsh Ministers, and the Welsh Government must outline what is fundamentally different about these new plans and how they will stimulate use of the language.

“The roadmap needs to clear and instructive, with clear, transparent benchmarks in place, and an emphasis placed on the standard of Welsh speaking and not just the volume.



“The language faces a number of major challenges – including a lack of opportunities to converse in everyday settings. It is sustained action, not plush strategy launches, that we need if the Welsh Government is to meet this target.”