£157k Senedd repair bill

Over £157,000 has been spent on repairs to the Senedd building since it was opened in 2006. Last year’s bill of £25,521 was the biggest since 2007/08.

Fifth of pupils failing to achieve standards

Almost a fifth of Welsh pupils are entering secondary school without meeting basic standards in literacy, numeracy and science according to figures released by the Welsh Conservatives.

Paracetamol prescriptions up by 1/4

The number of paracetamol prescriptions in Wales has risen by almost a quarter in the last five years. According to figures obtained by the Welsh Conservatives, the number of these items dispensed in 2010 stood at 1,398,253. That’s 268,000 more than in 2006 – an increase of 24 per cent.

“Worrying” road casualty figures “demand action”

Shadow Minister for Transport, Byron Davies AM, has demanded “urgent action” following publication of the latest set of road casualty figures. In 2010, the chance of a motorcyclist being killed or seriously injured - per kilometre travelled - is around 63 times greater than a car driver.

Badger cull delay: “Farmers dealt a severe blow”

Commenting on the Welsh Government’s decision to delay the proposed badger cull, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Antoinette Sandbach AM, said: “There is no question that this is a miserable day for our farmers."

Labour’s free laptops U-turn welcomed

Welsh Conservatives today welcomed the decision by the Welsh Labour Government to ditch its free laptops scheme after new details emerged of the cost of the policy. Written answers to Shadow Education Minister Angela Burns revealed that Ministers have spent £662,364 on free laptops since the scheme’s launch in March 2010, but have only purchased 943 laptops.  This equates to an average cost of over £700 per laptop.

Councils’ £400m debt interest bill

Debt interest has cost Welsh councils almost 400 million pounds over the last two years. According to figures highlighted by the Welsh Conservatives, local authorities collectively spent 199 million pounds paying off interest on debt during 2010/11.

“Troubling” NHS safety alert compliance

Commenting on a report by Action against Medical Accidents – which found every Welsh health board is failing to fully comply with safety alerts – Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said: “This report makes for very troubling reading. Patients have a right to feel 100 per cent safe and comfortable in the hands of the NHS."

Uncollected Council Tax bill hits £81million

Accumulated unpaid Council Taxes in Wales have reached £81million as figures published today reveal the amount Welsh Councils are losing through unpaid bills. In 2010-11 Welsh local authorities missed out on £37million due to uncollected Council Taxes, with the average collection rate at 96.6%.

Labour’s tuition fee subsidy plans unravelling

Commenting on the decision of the Education Minister to reject bids by Welsh universities to charge £9,000, Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for Education, said: “This unaffordable and ill-considered policy is rapidly unravelling."