“Appalling” Lab-Plaid refusal to admit NHS cuts

Despite refusing to protect and prioritise health in the Assembly draft budget, the First Minister has refused to admit that the NHS budget in Wales will be cut over the course of the next three years.The denial occurred during a challenge by the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives over the impact of cuts to missed targets in hospital waiting times.

Welsh patients will gain right to EU treatment

Welsh Conservative MEP, Dr Kay Swinburne, has welcomed new legislation passed today, which will allow Welsh patients to access healthcare across EU borders. Speaking ahead of the vote in Strasbourg today, Kay welcomed the steps taken to consolidate patients' rights in EU law while ensuring that the Welsh NHS would not lose control over its budget.

Sharp rise in waiting times for A&E patients

Commenting on figures showing a sharp rise in the in the number of patients not being seen in A&E departments within the Assembly Government’s target time of four hours, Nick Ramsay AM, Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services, said: “These alarming figures show that despite the hard work and dedication of NHS staff, patients are not receiving the efficient and timely treatment they deserve.

Protecting our environment

Welsh Conservatives today pledged to clean up Wales and do more to protect our natural environment. Shadow Minister for the Environment, Angela Burns AM, and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly, Nick Bourne AM, launched the Party’s environment policies at Eco2 - Wales’ largest independent renewable energy company – in Cardiff.

WAG still failing to meet NEETs target

Commenting on figures showing that the Assembly Government is still failing to meet its target of 93% of 16-18 year olds in education, employment or training, Paul Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Education, said: "It is regrettable that under Labour-Plaid, the number of young people missing out on life opportunities by not being in education, employment or training remains too high.

Labour-Plaid “lazy” on Olympics success

Speaking during First Minister’s Questions, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has demanded more is done to encourage Welsh firms to apply for Olympics contracts. Only 11 supplying contracts have been won by Welsh firms, out of a total of 1,433.

U-turn on Wrexham rail snub welcomed

Commenting on WAG’s decision to begin talks on including Wrexham within a second express service from Cardiff to Holyhead, Shadow Minister for Transport Darren Millar AM said: “I am astonished that Labour-Plaid was ready to invest £3.5 million into this service without it stopping at the largest town in North Wales in the first place.

NEETs issue needs to be tackled in school

Responding to a statement by the Welsh Assembly Government on 16-18 year olds not in education, employment or training, Paul Davies AM, Shadow Minister for Education, said: “It is disappointing that the Labour-Plaid Government is on course to miss its target for reducing the number of young people not in education, employment or training.

Burton’s Foods: Another blow to Welsh economy

Commenting on reports that Burton’s Foods, which produces Jammie Dodgers and other products at its factory in Cwmbran, is to cut 70 jobs, Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for the Economy said: “This is further worrying news for the Welsh economy.  Every job lost in the economy represents a family who will find it more challenging to make ends meet.

New Assembly term - same poor WAG record

Speaking during First Minister’s Questions, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has challenged Carwyn Jones to take full responsibility for Wales’ poor economic standing and inadequate educational standards. Wales has the lowest GVA per head of all devolved UK countries and English regions.