Mark Isherwood: Delivering social justice in Wales

Speech by Shadow Social Justice Minister Mark Isherwood AM to the Welsh Conservative Party conference 2010: “We have had to suffer weeks of smear and misrepresentation by an unprincipled Labour Party and its fellow travellers in Plaid Cymru.

Eric Pickles: Vote for Change

Speech by Conservative Party chairman Eric Pickles MP to the Welsh Conservative Party conference 2010: “It’s great to be back in Wales. Now the more observant of you will notice that I’m not from these parts.

David Jones: A strong voice in government for Wales

Speech by Shadow Minister for Wales and Clwyd West MP David Jones to the Welsh Conservative Party conference 2010: “Last year marked the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales, of which I was once, briefly, a member.

Paul Davies: Closing the education gap

Speech by Shadow Education Minister Paul Davies AM to the Welsh Conservative Party conference 2010: “It’s a pleasure to be with you here this morning. Can I first of all thank everyone who has taken part in this debate? Their contributions have been excellent.

Dr Kay Swinburne: Sound Conservative finances for Wales

Speech by Dr Kay Swinburne MEP to the Welsh Conservative Party conference: "Prynhawn da cynhadledd - Good Afternoon Conference. It seems like a long time ago since I was sitting listening to Jonathan Evans give this speech last year.

Philip Hammond: A stronger, greener economy

Speech by Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond MP to the Welsh Conservative Party conference 2010. “It’s good to be back here in Llandudno. The Conservative Party has been coming here for many years – in the good times and the bad times.

David Cameron: Good government costs less with the Conservatives

Conservative Party leader David Cameron MP has addressed the Welsh Conservative Party conference in Llandudno. In his speech Mr Cameron said the choice at the General Election is simple - five more years of Gordon Brown’s tired government making things worse, or change with the Conservatives, who have the energy, leadership and values to get the country moving again.